Nurturing Roots was founded in June 2010 by Kim Van Diest. Nurturing means – care for and encourage the development of; Roots means grounding and connections to our feet similar to tree roots. Like a tree we need to be solid in our roots and nourish from the ground up. So together Nurturing Roots means the development of ones self through balance and grounding.

Our Founder

Kim has been happily teaching hatha, prenatal yoga and working as a doula since 2010. Kim is passionately committed to deepening her knowledge; she has trained with Salt Spring Classic Ashtanga and Hatha Yogic Systems (RYS 200, August 2010), Open Door Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for Conscious Birthing (26hr, September 2010), Semperviva Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (CEU 85hr, January 2013), Reiki level 1 (February 2010, and a DONA Trained Birth Doula (November 2009). Kim has also studied Vipassana for a 28day silent meditation at Wat Rampung-Chang Mai, Thailand (October 2008), and a 10day silent meditation in Merit (August 2011). All of these trainings have enabled her to bring many blessing to her work. Namaste.

Why Choose Us?

Nurturing Roots has the skill to lead you through your areas of growth. You will learn about yourself and where you can bring healing into your life. If you are willing to truly do your part, through this work you will have to opportunity to continue to unwrap the true beauty of you.

Our Purpose

To care for and encourage the development of ones self.