Congratulations, what an amazing gift and journey. It is a blessing that pregnancy can typically take between 36-44 weeks and that your body is so magically made that its perfectly timed for the little being to emerge into the world. The timing if left to nature is up to the little one inside and you, similar to a rose blooming. I am truly supportive of the right to chose. This means I am supportive of what ever decisions you make around your birth. It is my hope that you become very informed of the choices you are truly making. I encourage you very strongly to look up the stats of C-Section, Vacuum extraction, Forceps, Epidural if you are choosing to birth in a hospital and the side effects of major abdominal surgery, or drugs, and how that effects postpartum recovery and breast feeding. I have these stats and more information in my pre-birth packages I give you when hired. If you are choosing a home birth ask your attendant or midwife how many births they have had at home and what are things they typically need to do. I can aid you in positioning for natural pain management and also support you in an informed way about the choices you desire.

As your doula:

The first meeting is a free consultation explaining what a doula does and does not do, pricing, payment and availability surrounding your due date.

  • When you have decided I am the right fit for you, I am available 24/7 via email and phone for any questions or concerns you may have.
  • At the first pre-birth meeting I will guide you and your support/partner through a informed birth plan, information surrounding a birth plan and discuss things that may come up in pregnancy and labour.
  • During the second meeting we will go through nutrition, how to prepare your body for labour, positioning used to manage contractions, relaxation techniques, and any other questions or concerns you may have.
  • At the onset of consistent contractions I will help guide you and your partner through positioning, pressure, relaxation, and focus to support you through your labour. I am with you through out your birth experience
  • I do not take the place of your partner and am there so everyone can feel part of the birth. It is really important if your labour starts in the evening to sleep as much as you can at the beginning and phone if you can’t.
  • One week after labour I will book a time to come to your home, help with breastfeeding if needed, listen to your birth experience and answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Optional care (set fee per session):

Prenatal in-home private prenatal yoga

Two sessions, 50 minutes each, that will focus on the muscles that need to be strengthened and flexible to help have a successful pushing phase with minimal or no tearing.


This is a form of relaxation that will be two private 45 minute sessions in the client’s home. This type of meditation focuses on training the mind to cope with fears surrounding labour.

Birth Preference Consultation

This is a two hour consultation to help develop a wish list for an expectant mother who may or may not be using doula services. This session will go through what the mothers wish is for her birth and what she needs to do to giver herself the best possible chance of a sacred birth experience.

“Bed Rest” Session (1 Hour)

Provides techniques for women with complicated pregnancies who may be on “bed rest”. A discussion also about the purpose of bed-rest, how to prevent this in the future and manage in the now.

Getting Labour Started

During this session, guided relaxation, massage and positioning will help the expectant mom to relax and clear any energetic blocks that might be preventing the onset of labour. This service is only available after the due date or if a woman is considering being induced.

Post partum Care

After your birth you may feel you need extra support. I am available for an hourly fee to come and care for the babe, offer breastfeeding support, cleaning and laundry.