Through out life each individual is faced with there own set of challenges. As a very unique individual I have been through a lot of challenges and learned tools for healing that are very effective and have allowed me to become empowered in my life and work. Through this work I have realized some of my blessed gifts. One of my gifts is (medical) intuitive healing. I am able to feel a persons energy and blocks. With this knowledge I can help them talk through and unblock the energy that has been stunted sometimes due to, emotional or physical trauma, birth trauma, addiction and/or denial of self. If you are up for the challenge and truly want to work toward a healthier happier life keep reading.

I have travelled in Europe, India, Thailand, Mexico, Australia and New Zeland studying cultures and discovering new ways to heal my body, mind and soul. The first step is to become aware that we are human and that our life force depends on learning, open mindedness and willingness. Not one of us are perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect.

Intuitive healing sessions

  • A set fee $50-70 is determined and paid before the session begins
  • each healing session is between 1.5-2hrs depending on the individual needs and requests
  • Goals of this work is to heal and balance the energies that are causing pain or disease

Clearing stones and spaces

As I travelled through different countries and cultures I discovered there are many different ways to care for a home, space and sacred stones.

With stones the basic rule is do they look light or are they dark? If they look dark they need to be cleared. For crystal this can be done by placing them outside under a tree, or in the ocean after you have washed them with soap and water. If they are really dark leave them in the ocean or in nature for many days. Remember these sacred stones take in energy and hold it until asked to clear. If you think you know what a stone needs turn it over to the divine or creator and ask them to direct you. We in our mind cannot tell what our stones need only our hearts and souls connected to the earths energy are able to feel what’s truly needed.

Most of us have been blessed with this gift since we were born and most of us have trained it out of ourselves or have forgotten, so today awaken your inner being and ask am I caring for my space and stones in the best possible way? For your space the key is to simplify, is your material life weighing you down? Does it cause worry or frustration? How can you clear your home so that the energy can move and everything has it’s divine place? This takes time so be easy with yourself.

Clearing sessions

  • A set fee is determined and paid for before the session begins
  • Each clearing session is between 30min-1hr that I am physically in your presence and 1-3hrs that I process and clear after I leave
  • First session will be a 10-20min intro describing the practice and then 20-50min to clear stones or space.
  • Goals of this work is to create a safe place or feeling for you to grow from and understand and identify the areas in your home or stones that need attention.
  • This is very deep work and takes me a few hours after each session to process and clear the energies.


Clearing stones and spaces – TBA. Contact for more details

Intuitive Healing intro – TBA. Contact for more details